Previous Sites

Deals with and provides reviews of adaptations of books and plays, everything from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, up to and including Clueless. Basically started musing on the subject when watching one of my large collection of Shakespeare films and the brain got seized and directed towards making a site on it. Never really got updated.

A clique to proclaim your love of Batman, the characters of the comics and Gotham City above all other superheroes/villains/cops. It was discontinued when I became disillusioned with web-cliques.

Be Seeing You
Site devoted to writing the characters and perceived relationship of Giles and Ethan on Buffy - fiction, essays on the characters and relationship, writing guides, proof-reading. Discontinued when I was no longer interested in the fandom.

Burnt Copper Blog
Online journal/diary, discontinued when I started using livejournal.

The Carlyle State
Fansite for the actor Robert Carlyle. Hadn't updated it in over two years due to lack of interest, so thought I should get round to retiring it.

Dangerous Habits
Site devoted to the perceived relationship between Wesley and Angel on Angel - fiction, essays on the characters. Taken over by Sheila B when I lost interest, has since been redesigned and somewhat destroyed.

Deconstructing Wesley
Site devoted to writing the character of Wesley Wyndham-Price on Angel - fiction, essays on the character, writing guides, proof-reading. Taken over from Liz Harris. However, after the show finished, I had difficulty thinking up new content and it was taken over by Donna and re-designed.

Hive Intelligence
The collective of collectives - people have a site index/portal to link all their sites and submit a button to this. It was the biggest collective list out there, listing over 200 sites. I stopped when I became disillusioned with the concept of web-cliques, and people kept submitting their personal sites.

It's Been Emotional
Site devoted to writing the perceived relationship between Gunn and Wes on Angel - essays on the characters and relationship, wallpapers, proof-reading, fiction recommendations. Discontinued when the fandom-love failed.

My site portal and personal site. When it came up for renewal at the beginning of 2007, I realised that I really didn't have much use for it anymore.

Sub-Zero Culture
Photography project on the inside of people's fridges, updated whenever someone sent a photo in.

Vicious Circle
This was a supposedly interactive art project. People gave me quotes, I took photos to fit the quotes, then got feedback on the pictures, changing them if it was felt the originals didn't work. Unfortunately, tutors didn't feel it had enough depth to it, and I wasn't too satisified with it, either, so abandoned it. Eventually came back to the basic idea, which is now up as 'Seeing in Voices' in the photography section.

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